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Fischfutter-Herstellungs-Maschinerie-sich hin- und herbewegender Fisch-Zufuhr-Pelletizer in Indien

1. Standardexportholzkasten für einzelne Maschine 2. Verschiffenkennzeichen auf dem hölzernen Fall 3. Verpackt in der hölzernen Kiste und laden dann auf den Behälter (Fischfutter-Herstellungs-Maschinerie-sich hin- und herbewegender Fisch-Zufuhr-Pelletizer
Ort Von Zukunft: 
Henan, China (Festland)


Modell: BD-GP50


Fischfutter-Herstellungs-Maschinerie-sich hin- und herbewegender Fisch-Zufuhr-Pelletizer in Indien \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n
Requirement of raw material

Type: Flour, corn starch, rice bran, meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, etc.

Size: about 60-80 mesh which were crushed and well mixed.

Moisture content: about 20%-25%  

Starch content: ≥30%(Floating pellet)

Usages of final pellets
Aquatic feed pellets: fish, shrimp, frog, etc.

Pet feed pellets: dog, cat, rabbit, chicken, goose, duck, pig, etc.

  • Animal feed pellet machine adopting international advanced technology, the pellets are very even.
  • We can get the different size and length of pellet diameter ( diameter from 1mm to 8mm).
  • The electric heating device improve the feed expansion rate.
  • High temperature and high pressure can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections.
  • Animal feed machine can get the higher-protein animal feed, and easy to digest.  
  • Floated on water over 20 hours, no need worry about the pollution. 

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1. Composed of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, controlling system.
2. Automatic temperature control system, make the temperature controlling more directly view and
the parameter more precise.
3. Works well in long time and continuously using, running steadily and reliably, easy to operate.
4. Make floating and sinking fish feed pellets.
5. Equipped with automatic electric cabinet, working automatically.
6. We will provide a set of spare parts for free of charge.
7. If you want to build an assembly line, we have professional engineers to design the plant for you.
\ n Technische Daten \ n \ n
Model Capacity Main power Feeding power Screw diameter Cutting power Pellet size
BD-GP50 60-80kg 11kw 0.4kw φ50mm 0.4kw 1-8mm
BD-GP60 120-150kg 15kw 0.4kw φ60mm 0.4kw 1-8mm
BD-GP70 180-250kg 18.5kw 0.4kw φ70mm 0.4kw 1-8mm
BD-GP80 300-350kg 22/27kw 0.4kw φ80mm 0.6kw 1-8mm
BD-GP90 400-450kg 30/37kw 1.1kw φ90mm 0.6kw 1-8mm
BD-GP120 500-700kg 55kw 1.1kw φ120mm 1.5kw 1-8mm
BD-GP135 800-1000kg 75kw 1.1kw φ133mm 2.2kw 1-8mm
BD-GP160 1200-1500kg 90kw 1.5kw φ155mm 2.2kw 1-8mm
BD-GP200 1800-2000kg 132kw 1.5kw φ195mm 3.0kw 1-8mm
\ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n
BD-GP50 BD-GP70 BD-GP120
\ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n
Q1: What is the material for making fish feed pellet?

A1: There is a wide selection for material. Such as corn flour, wheat meal, bone meal, meat meal, fish meal, etc. All can be used for making fish feed pellet. Please note that the raw material size should be 60-80 mesh.

Q2: What is the size of the final fish feed pellet?
A2: The size of fish feed pellet is 1-8mm, you can choose the size you like.
Q3: The fish feed pellet machine is a single machine or a complete production line?
A3: It depends on your chooice. The machine can work separately, also in a production line, from material crushing to final pellet packing. You can choose it freely.
Q4: What is the production chart for the whole production line?
A4: The production line is as follows: material crushing----mixing----making pellets----pellets drying----pellets cooling----pellets flavoring----pellets packing.
Q5: What is the delivery time of the fish feed pellet machine?
A5: Usually the single machine can be sent within 15 days after getting the deposit. If it is a large order or production line, the delivery time will be 25-35 working days after down payment.
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